What is the TFS Lesson Outline?

The 10 lessons of TFS are outlined below:

Lesson 1: Energy
Learn how to raise your energy level, make it more positive and channel it more effectively to achieve higher sales performance.

Lesson 2: Engagement
Learn to actively engage your customers to be more receptive to them & forge long term relationship with the customer.

Lesson 3: Force
Convert your Energy into a Force for accomplishment by directing your energy towards Goals.

Lesson 4: Insight
Gain insight into who your customer is and what their needs are.

Lesson 5: Mind Power
Understand and unleash the powers of your mind through mind’s faculties of Organisation, Knowledge, Will and Imagination.

Lesson 6: Expression
Learn about presenting your product/service and express yourself clearly & effectively to the customer.

Lesson 7: Energising Time
Learn to energise and effectively manage your time for high sales performance.

Lesson 8: Pygmalion Effect
Learn, upgrade and understand the power of skills in the sales process.

Lesson 9: Reversals
Learn about the power of reversal of attitudes while interacting with customers.

Lesson 10: Enjoyment
Enjoy the sales game!