What does the TFS online course offer?

TFS is an e-learning course consisting of 10 lessons.

Each lesson includes concepts, real life examples, practical strategies & self-evaluation questionnaires to dramatically improve your sales performance. The lessons are presented using text, images & movie video clips to illustrate the concepts.

Each lesson can be completed in 1-2 weeks while you are actively engaged in your occupation as a sales person.

Each lesson consists of 6 sections:

  • one 60-minute* main lesson on concepts (20 to 30 slides).
  • four 15-minute power lessons on practical strategies (6-7 slides per power lesson).
  • one review lesson that summarizes all the key points and strategies presented in the lesson

TFS offers you a step-by-step methodology to

  • assess your current level of performance
  • identify areas in which you can improve
  • provide proven fool-proof strategies to dramatically raise your performance
  • track your efforts and your achievements so you can objectively evaluate the impact of the program

*Timing is subject to the user’s speed of reading.