About Us

Tenfold sales is a project undertaken by MSS Research, the social science research division of The Mother’s Service Society, Pondicherry, India. For the past 40 years, MSS has been developing original theory and strategies for business success. Our research includes studies and consulting assignments for major corporations in USA, Europe and India as well as numerous international conferences and training programs. Six management books and numerous articles have been published in the USA and elsewhere based on MSS’s management research. For an overview of the articles, books & papers, please see http://www.mssresearch.org/?q=Management. For more information about the research activities of the Society, please see MSSResearch.org.

About TFS

The objective of Tenfold Sales is to help sales professionals in any field to dramatically improve their performance. TFS is an e-learning course that provides sales-people with the essential knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights needed to unleash their full potential as top performers in their respective fields. 
The practical concepts & psychological strategies presented in these lessons are based on universal principles of human accomplishment.